Over the past half century, hundreds of millions of doses of “killed-virus” vaccines have been administered to protect people from deadly diseases such as polio, influenza, and rabies. It is one of history's best established methods for producing safe, effective vaccines.

Yet surprisingly, this method has never been tested seriously for HIV.

Watch the video below or read more to find out why.[TRANSCRIPT]

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Marcus A. Conant, M.D.
HIV/AIDS Treatment Specialist
Burton P. Dorman, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & President, AGRI and Acrogen, Inc.
Donald P. Francis, M.D., D.Sc.
Global Health / Infectious Disease Scientist
Donald Kennedy, Ph.D.
Stanford Univ., Science Magazine, U.S. F.D.A.
Zilose Lyons, B.A.
Infectious Disease Prevention Advocate
Haynes W. Sheppard, Ph.D.
Public Health Laboratory Specialist
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How can this be possible?

Given the devastation that HIV/AIDS has caused around the globe for over 30 years, it is difficult to grasp how one of the best-established vaccine methods has been omitted from the entire AIDS research agenda. The short answer is that killed-virus vaccines have simply slipped through the cracks between the primary entities engaged in HIV vaccine research.

Biotech companies have seen no profit potential in vaccines based on old-fashioned public sector technology. For their part, academic scientists can get no support for product development based on "old" science as opposed to seeking innovative methods based on new scientific understanding. And the few practical vaccinologists interested in classical methods have never been able to obtain significant funding for killed-virus vaccine development from any of the traditional sources.

So while it never has been anyone's explicit policy to omit one of the most historically-successful vaccine methods for HIV/AIDS, in effect, that has been the outcome.

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Subject, main idea, possible objections, conclusion, disclaimer, and request for comment.

Subject: This website discusses the possible use of killed-HIV vaccines for prevention of AIDS.  The proposed approach would be modeled after classical killed-virus vaccines now used for polio, rabies, influenza, and many other human and animal diseases. Many hundreds of millions of doses administered in recent decades have proven that killed-virus vaccines are effective and exquisitely safe. But very little research has been done on killed-HIV vaccines; and little, if any, is now underway.

Main idea: Classical killed-virus vaccine methods should be tested promptly; they may be able to inhibit HIV transmission, slow progression to AIDS, reduce suffering, save lives, and ultimately interrupt the HIV/AIDS pandemic sooner than anyone can invent a better method– perhaps decades sooner.

Possible objections: We are only too well aware that not everyone will agree with this proposal. The most commonly-stated objections, and …

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I created this video and website to help tell what I think is a pretty amazing story. I hope it helps lead to funding for an experiment whose time is long overdue.

My dad, Burt Dorman, a Ph.D. biophysical chemist with real-world vaccine development experience, has been among the most staunch proponents of testing killed-virus vaccines for HIV/AIDS, dating from the early years of the AIDS crisis over twenty years ago. That gave me something of a front row seat to the effort while growing up, but I only recently realized that I might be able to contribute with a video to help tell the story.

I’m aware that a common initial reaction to hearing this story is disbelief. The omission of one of history’s most successful vaccine methods sounds so preposterous, a natural reaction is to assume there must …

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