The Opportunity

A small but determined group of vaccine and public health experts have persisted over countless years in their efforts to advocate for the killed-virus approach. To date, that advocacy has largely occurred using traditional methods, directed towards traditional entities.

Recently, however, we have assembled an effort to pursue an entirely new opportunity — namely the support of individual philanthropists with enough resources to fund the project, enough backbone to stand up to potential naysayers, and enough common sense to understand that such a straightforward and well-understood solution deserves its day in the laboratory.

While the cost for this project (roughly $5M/year x 3 years) would certainly represent a substantial philanthropic investment, that amount pales in comparison to the amount being spent on other current HIV vaccine research with far less realistic prospects for near-term success. More importantly, it represents the very real potential to cost-effectively save tens of millions of lives worldwide, within a handful of years.

Indeed, this situation calls for a visionary philanthropic hero — one whose investment can quite literally change the course of history. We know that person is out there. Our task is to bring this remarkable story to that person’s ears.